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SSU’s education realizes the talent of each and every student.

Shizuoka Sangyo University in Outline

Shizuoka Sangyo University in Outline

With the help and support of local communities Shizuoka Sangyo University’s School of Management was founded in 1994 and its School of Communications and Informatics (now the School of Information Studies) in 1998. Since then, the university has become known in the surrounding community as a university with a youthful spirit and a clear vision for the future which makes important contributions to the development of industry in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Our basic philosophy is to promote the specialized vocational knowledge demanded by the industrial and international society of the 21st century and we regard the provision of advanced education as our mission.

Features of the University

SSU provides the following:
  • a flexible curriculum which allows students to choose the department and course in which they will major in their second year.
  • a close, family-like atmosphere by emphasizing education by friendly teaching staff to small groups.
  • a richly satisfying life for foreign students through activities which encourage communication with Japanese students and the local community.
  • an arrangement whereby Japanese students assist foreign students with their studies and pairs of students help each other with language study.
  • careful guidance for students seeking employment in Japanese companies (94.0% of foreign students find employment)
  • individual counseling for students wishing to enter graduate school which has resulted in the gaining of places at famous universities for a number of students.
  • a system which enables foreign students to consult with informed administrative staff whenever the need arises.
  • series of lectures by experts from the business world on 20 different practical themes.

Schools and Departments

School of Management
School of Management

The aim of the School of Management is to provide “extensive, in-depth learning” and “systematic and specialized knowledge of business management”. For this reason, first year students do not choose a department or course, but concentrate on general education and school-wide subjects. Further, in order to gain the basic knowledge required to go on to study specialized subjects in the School of Management, all first year students take Introduction to Business Management, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Psychology, Bookkeeping, and Computer Skills. From their second year students separate into the Department of Management, the Department of Sports Management or the Department of Management Psychology to gain specialized knowledge. The curriculum of the Department of Management is organized into three fields, and students study management philosophy and management organization as well as international business management (business administration), product trading and distribution and marketing (commercial science), and accounting and finance (accounting). In anticipation of further growth in this area, in the Department of Sports Management, sports business management and marketing are taught. In the Department of Management Psychology, such subjects as Organizational Psychology and Consumer Psychology are taught and students gain knowledge they can put to use in company personnel management and product development departments.

School of Information Studies
School of Information Studies

Today’s society is supported by computer and network technology. In this age when anyone can obtain vast amounts of information in a moment, the ability to gather, organize and analyze data, along with the ability to process, add value and dispatch information is increasingly in demand. Accordingly, students in the School of Information Studies, while acquiring specialized knowledge about information, also study the many ways to activate it. First year students do not choose a department or course, but study broadly in the fields of information, design, business, and tourism while thinking about the course in which they will major. From their second year they separate into the Department of Information Design and the Department of Information Studies and go on to gain specialized knowledge. In the Department of Information Design, the implementation to advertising design of such aspects of visual design as 3DCG, visual expression and graphic design, as well as network and web skills and game development systems design and their marketing are taught. In the Department of Communication Studies hotel and travel management in the tourism industry are taught, as well as business strategy as it applies to business in Asia and Japan.


Graduates of Shizuoka Sangyo University receive degrees according to their major.

■School of Management
Department of Management Bachelors Degree (Management)
Department of Sports Management Bachelors Degree (Sports Management)
Department of Management Psychology Bachelors Degree (Management Psychology)
■School of Information Studies
Department of Information Design Bachelors Degree (Information Design)
Department of Communication Studies Bachelors Degree (Communication Studies)
The number of foreign students
School of Management 1139
foreign students 36 persons professor 116 persons officers 52 persons
School of Information Studies 752
foreign students 34 persons professor 104 persons officers 32 persons
Semesters and Dates

This university implements a two semester system. The first semester is from April 1 to September 30. The second semester is from October 1 to March 31.

Tuition and Fees for the 2015 academic year

All foreign students are eligible for a ¥100,000 reduction from the entrance fee and a 15% reduction in course fees. Note, however, that from the third year, based on a check of the student's progress in his/her studies, this reduction may not be applied.

Enrolled first year students
Total 1,051,710yen
Entrance Fee 100,000yen
Tuition 311,525yen
Facility Fee 150,000yen
Miscellanceous fee(F) *1 28,660yen
Subtotal 590,185yen
Tuition 311,525yen
Facility Fee 150,000yen
Subtotal 461,525yen

*1 Miscellaneous fees cover the Foreign Students Mutual Aid Society fee, Student Association fee, and the premium for Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research.

Cost of Living

Average monthly living expenses for foreign students in Shizuoka Prefecture are approximately ¥120,000 per month.